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Vegan apricot pie

Well, it's summer. Apricots are really good and I've got a lot of'em ! Let's make a pie out of it !

Vegan pie paste with floor, oil and water. And a lot of apricots !

Recipe for 1 pie.

Ready in less than 50 minutes.


  • 10cl water
  • 250g floor (T45)
  • 10cl oil (as neutral as possible, sunflower in my case)
  • 20 abricots


  1. Mix the floor with the water, then with the oil until you get a nice ball
  2. Cut in alf 10 apricots
  3. Mix the rest of them in a blender
  4. Use a rolling pin to make it into a nice circle
  5. Pour the mixed apricots
  6. add the apricots cutted in half
  7. Heat the oven to 180°C
  8. Cook for 30 minutes
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