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F.A.L.F. (some new songs)

I continue my little musical experiments in this new series of songs.

No one threw me rocks, so I’m going on.

01. Je ne sais même plus qui je suis

Made with love, my hands, my voice, my piano, free software and a child flute.

02. J’aimais

19 years of my life summarized in a few words.

And for the first time, I filmed myself composing and recording the song. I made the video up there

Also, I used the same riff to try to wake Quentin. I mean… I tried:

03. Cinq ou six années

I always liked this song sooo much. Something about the mood.

Inspired by Cinq ou six années from Jeanne Cherhal

04. Bullets

This song is a mashup of four songs that I like :

  • Bullet in a gun from Imagine Dragons
  • Bullet in the head from *Rage Against The Machine
  • Bullets from *Archive
  • One million bullets from Sia

I explain why in the video.

05. Avec des si

Me… Doing me stuff.

Inspired by Avec des si from Jeanne Cherhal

06. En casa de mamá

In this original track, I’m trying to minimize the number of tracks and takes for a more natural result

What next ?

I’ll post them on that same page as they arrive. So come back from time to time.

Last track has been added 151 days ago.

I’ve got many more 🎧 🎵🎶 🎹

I also made a series of 13 songs titled Don’t throw rocks at me last year. (my favorite is this one)

If you just want to listen to them and not having to read the crap about it, here they are :

01. Lonely

02. Friends and Lovers

03. Stupeflip

04. Karmacoma

05. Good Riddance

06. Dancing in the dark

07. I’m a fucking fraud

08. This is my life

09. Si j’étais moi

10. Petit Moineau

11. Citron

12. عدم ضبط النفس

13. What were the odds

Thank you 😘

Thank you for taking some time over here. I hope you enjoyed it! I’ll be happy to hear your thougths.

If you prefere, some of thoses tracks are on SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

ps : F.A.L.F. means “Fuck à la fin” / “Fuck already”

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