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Who am I ?

I am a father of two, a coder much of my time, and I do many other things (drawing, video, 3d, music, etc.). Not necessarily with talent, but at least having fun. I often spend some time on my Raspberry Pies, servers, command lines, I try to self-host my whole life and depend only on free and open solutions. I try to save the planet on which I live so that my children can live there as long as possible.

What I want (really)

A close friend asked me that question and the answer I gave her seems readable enough so that I can share it here with you:

It’s quite vague. I want to give my life, and my children’s life a bigger meaning. I want them to look back in 20 years with the feeling that they really took advantage of their lives. The feeling that they’re useful to the world. That they live fully and in a ethical way. I want to build something that will serve my children, and, why not, their children or many other people. something that respects and helps nature and mankind. I want to teach, transmit and give everything I know and I have. I want to work for free for others without anyone judging me about it. And live with what others will give me. That’s about it 😂. It quite goes in every direction. For now I don’t feel like responding to what I want. I’m not even sure that what I want matches what I need. Anyway, that’s what I want.

why this site

I wanted to have an online presence corresponding to me. Away from commercial social networks, so I’m here 🎉

I’ve got a lot of things to tell, and I like to hit my keyboard even when I know no one’s gonna read me because I’m writing so many lines to say nothing 🥴

I’m still learning english. So you might (will) find a lot of non sens on the english version of this website. Good luck !

Last update :
Did you know ? I have absolutly no mean to know if your read this blog post or not. I respect your privacy too much to install any kind of analytic tracker or some cookie sh*t. So.. if you want to let me know you read it and (dis)like it, you'll have to leave a comment below !
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